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Working at Forbes Student Research

Forbes Student Research is an emerging edtech firm that is experiencing rapid growth. Our primary goal is to enable high school students from all over the globe to participate in international research experiences. Our flagship program, the Forbes Student Research Scholar program, offers students the unique opportunity to collaborate with accomplished high school students. Together, they develop independent research projects, delve into areas of interest beyond the confines of traditional classrooms, and gain a competitive edge for their future college and graduate school endeavors. At Forbes Student Research, we are dedicated to delivering educational excellence, and our team of research mentors represents the absolute pinnacle of their respective fields.

Forbes Student Research ​Empowerment and Accessibility Proclamation - Celebrate Individuality

At Forbes Student Research, we embark on a magnificent journey of learning that commences with an exquisite embrace of diversity. Our visionary quest is to empower students and unleash their boundless potential. We are resolute in our dedication to embracing an enchanting array of disciplines, perspectives, and experiences. Within our esteemed organization, we hold your extraordinary voice in the highest regard, recognizing the invaluable contributions it brings to our collective endeavors. Let us together revel in the glorious celebration of individuality.

As an illustrious troupe of lifelong learners, we weave the threads of inclusivity and equity into the very fabric of our educational pursuits, operational endeavors, and collaborative partnerships with esteemed communities and institutions. Our unwavering belief in fostering a culture of inclusion extends far beyond the confines of our remarkable team. With unwavering commitment, we strive to illuminate the educational pathway for low-income students worldwide, ensuring that our resplendent programs are accessible to all, transcending barriers and kindling the aspirations of bright young minds across the globe.

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