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Research Symposium

At the office-amico

In this cohort, we offer students the opportunity to submit their previously written but unpublished papers for review. Our goal is to identify the top three research papers and get them published in an international journal. Our review process involves a thorough evaluation of each submitted paper by a team of experts in the relevant field. The review team assesses the quality and rigor of the research, the clarity and coherence of the writing, and the potential impact of the findings. Based on this evaluation, the top three research papers are selected for publication in an international journal.

Details of Research Symposium:

Top 3 Winners to receive: 1) A Certificate of Excellence. 
2) $250 in rewards / Amazon Gift-card worth $250.

Cost of participating: $75 (fee waiver applicable)

Submission Requirments: Max. 15 pages and Unpublished Paper

Publication level: International Journal

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