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We offer five distinct programs and 4 cohorts at Forbes Student Research that students might be interested in researching, each with a dedicated mentor, that is based on the area of research that they are interested in.


Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter sessions.

The Early admission deadline for the Fall cohort is: July 15, 2024

The Regular admissions deadline for the Fall cohort is: July 31, 2024

For the Winter 2024 cohort, we have 2 deadlines:

Early Action - November 15, 2024

Regular Admission - November 30, 2024



Individual Research Program

Working 1-on-1 with a mentor can be an invaluable experience for a student working on a research paper. It can provide personalized guidance and support, expert knowledge and insights, motivation and accountability, and networking opportunities.


Research and Publication

This cohort's commitment to helping students write and publish their research with a mentor in a local or national journal is a testament to our dedication to providing students with the tools and resources they need to succeed academically and professionally. We believe that this approach can help our students achieve their goals and make significant contributions to their fields of study.



Research Fellowship

In this cohort, we are dedicated to providing our students with the opportunity to not only write and publish their research papers but also to publish them in international journals. We believe that publishing research in international journals can be a game-changer for our students' academic and professional development and can open up opportunities for them to collaborate with researchers from around the world.


Group Research (max 5)

In this cohort, we encourage students to work in groups with a mentor helping them to produce high-quality research. Working in a group setting can have several advantages over working alone, including the ability to take on more ambitious projects, bring complementary knowledge and skills to the table, and apply diverse research methods. Additionally, working in a group can expand social networks and provide valuable opportunities for input during research and dissemination of results.

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Research Symposium

In this cohort, we offer students the opportunity to submit their previously written but unpublished papers for review. Our goal is to identify the top three research papers and get them published in an international journal. Our review process involves a thorough evaluation of each submitted paper by a team of experts in the relevant field. The review team assesses the quality and rigor of the research, the clarity and coherence of the writing, and the potential impact of the findings. Based on this evaluation, the top three research papers are selected for publication in an international journal.

Top 3 Winners to receive Prize money worth $250 and a Certificate of Excellence

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