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Our Work Ethics

At Forbes Student Research, we hold the core belief that talent shines brightest when combined with dedication and genuine passion. This fundamental principle guides our approach and sets the tone for the expectations we have for our prospective and admitted students and community members. We seek individuals who come with strong work ethics, possess remarkable skills and abilities and exhibit a strong commitment to their research pursuits, and an enthusiasm for making meaningful contributions to their respective fields. By supporting an environment that values collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, we aim to empower students to explore their potential, embrace challenges, and strive for excellence in their research endeavors.


Mentorship and Commitment

Mentorship plays a pivotal role at Forbes Student Research, akin to a thesis advisor or supervisor guiding the research process. Scholars are required to dedicate 5-10 hours per week to their projects outside mentor sessions, adhering to self-discipline and a steadfast commitment to producing high-quality final papers. This structured approach adds value and a sense of responsibility and accountability in scholars towards their research goals.


Independence in Work

Independence in work is a key attribute expected from all the scholars. The ability to work autonomously demonstrates self-reliance, initiative, and a capacity for self-directed learning, essential qualities for navigating the complexities of research projects effectively.


Engagement with the World

All the scholars are encouraged to actively engage with the world around them, leveraging their projects, coursework, and extracurricular involvements as avenues for exploration and discovery. This holistic approach provides them with a deeper understanding of real-world issues and enhances the quality of research outcomes.


Curiosity and Academic Record

At Forbes Student Research, we seek individuals with a keen sense of big-picture curiosity and a proven track record of academic excellence. This combination of inquisitiveness and scholarly achievement forms the foundation for impactful research endeavors within our community.

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